Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Colorado VINE? Colorado VINE is a proactive notification system that sends you an automatic alert anytime an offender’s custody status changes.

Does the Colorado VINE notification system work around the clock? Colorado VINE information is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, keeping you notified within minutes of when your offender’s custody status changes in any way.

How will I receive the notifications? You can receive the notifications by phone, email, text and/or TTY, depending on your preference. You can choose how you’d like to be notified when you register.

What status changes will I be notified of? You will be notified about the release, transfer, escape, or death of an offender.

Will my offender know if I register with Colorado VINE? Registering with Colorado VINE is free, easy, and completely anonymous, so your offender will not know that you have joined the system.

How do I register? Register by phone at 888-263-8463 or online at

When registering, you’ll need:

  1. Offender’s name
  2. Your phone number or email address to receive notifications
  3. A four-digit PIN* number when registering to receive a phone or text notification (The PIN number for a text notification is only used when making changes to the existing text notification.)

*Entering the correct PIN and pressing the pound (#) key is the only way to confirm you’ve received the phone notification or to stop receiving the Colorado VINE alerts.

What if I’m not home or my phone is busy when Colorado VINE calls? Colorado VINE will keep trying to reach you. If no one answers or the line is busy, we’ll keep calling every half hour for up to 48 hours, or until your PIN is entered.

Can I register more than one phone number with Colorado VINE? Yes. However, each registration is separate and requires a PIN. You can use the same PIN for each telephone number you enter.

Does Colorado VINE guarantee my safety? No. Colorado VINE is a notification system only. While it is meant to protect you, don’t rely solely on the Colorado VINE system for your safety. If you feel you might be at risk, take precautions as if the offender already has been realeased.

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